Touch Nepal

As I said in my previous blog, I'm currently touching down in Kathmandu right now, visiting the leaders and ministries I'm involved with through Touch Nepal. I'm going to give some updates from my trip, but I wanted to first point you to some resources about Touch Nepal that explain what we do.

First, here's a blog I wrote a while back about supporting indigenous ministries. It explains the heart behind Touch Nepal.

Here's a video that captures some observations about ministry in Nepal during my first visit back in 2013.

Here's a video that highlights my pastor's perspective, Matt Larson, during his first visit in 2014.

Here's here's some info that highlights our mission, principles of giving, and why we are so passionate about supporting indigenous ministries in Nepal.

On this trip, we'll be re-visiting the work we've been supporting in a leper colony outside Kathmandu, along with a ministry in the slums, where the gospel is spreading like wildfire among people who are literally living on a heap of trash. I'll give an update once I recover from jet-lag. See you soon...