#623 - Wealth or Poverty? - Divorce and Same-Sex Marriage - Conquest in Exodus?

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It's an hour long episode and Preston is answering "Patreon-Approved" questions. 

Should we seek to gain wealth or give it all away? What's the answer to this apparent tension in the Bible?

Should we submit to questionable leadership in our church? When do we leave our church?

Do I need a degree, or formal training, for Ministry? 

Is Same-Sex Marriage different from divorce - something that historically wasn't accepted but now not an issue? 

Did the conquest in Exodus actually happen?

Do you want a good understanding of the Affirmative position? Read these books: 

Bible, Gender, Sexuality by James V. Brownson

God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines

Check out The Beauty Between (feat. Andy Mineo) - Kings Kaleidoscope

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