Blogs on Homosexuality

As you may know, I’m writing a book on homosexuality, which should be published by this time next year. One of the things I’ve tried to do is read various blogs on homosexuality from a diverse perspectives. This has helped me not only stay up on what’s current in the discussion, but also gain some insight into the hearts and minds of other people thinking through this tough issue. I’ve especially enjoying reading blogs by people who are LGBTQ (formerly, currently, or whatever), or have significant ministries to the LGBTQ community. Here are few blogs that I’ve found particularly helpful.

“Love Is and Orientation” is a blog put out by the Marin foundation, which has a mission to elevate the conversation between the gay and lesbian community and the evangelical church. Along with the founder, Andrew Marin, other people connected with the ministry often blog on many different topics. The blogs are always informative and usually provocative.

“Spiritual Friendship” is a blog with several different writers, most of whom would be considered celibate gay Christians. That is, they experience same sex attraction but do not act on it in light of their theological convictions. These blogs are always laced with rich personal authenticity and, like the previous blog, are always informative.

"Living Out" is another blog much like Spiritual Friendship. It's a group-blog whose writers are non-affirming celibate Gay Christians. The blogs are always personal and very educational. This would be a great resources for anyone entering into this discussion for the first time.

“Lead them Home” is a blog by my friend Bill Henson. Even know we don’t know each other well, I’m honored to call Bill my friend. He’s one of those guys that after talking to for 5 minutes you’re thoroughly convinced that he loves you. Bill runs an excellent ministry called “Lead them Home” and is a tremendously helpful recourse for those seeking to understand more about homosexuality and the church.

“Sacred Tension” is a very personal and moving blog by Stephen, who blogs about his wrestle with faith and sexuality. His blogs are always well written and deeply authentic. It’s not a “agree” or “disagree” type blog; it’s more of a “shut up and listen” type blog, where you should suspend the “is it sin or not” question for a few moments and get in touch with the humanity of a person affected by same sex attraction.

"A Queer Calling" is one of my favorite blogs for conservative Christians, who have a one-size-fits-all understanding of homosexuality. "A Queer Calling" is a blog by Sarah and Lindsey: a celibate gay couple. Read those words carefully. A celibate. Gay. Couple. They are not married (see HERE why they don't use that term), but they are committed to life-long partnership. But they are celibate, because they believe that the Bible does not sanction same-sex sexual relations.

There are many more blogs out there, and if you have some good ones I’d love for you to drop them in the comments below. But I hope these will help you in your journey—those who are thinking and re-thinking through the question of homosexuality.

Of course, blogs should never be a substitute for getting to know and befriending people who are LGBTQ.